Why Outsourcing Web Sites Already Works

Reality 1 – The small business market represents 95% of the global web market. This market wants and needs basic, simple web services.

Reality 2 – The small business market wants to pay less than $4,000 for the average web project.

Reality 3 – The average web site costs more than $5,000 to deliver.


  • The vast majority of small businesses delay needed services, do without, or experience deep frustration with web firms who really don’t want (can’t afford to service) their business anyway.
  • The vast majority of interactive agencies refuse to accept the small web projects that the vast majority of small businesses need.


incubator-1Reality 4 – North American web firms know that if they refuse to service the low end web market, they will lose future downstream and profitable revenue sources from that client. If they had the financial ability to accept these projects, and make a profit on them (without having to utilize their expensive, internal resources), they would jump on the opportunity.

Reality 5 – Well trained, college educated, and skilled internet professionals exist within undeveloped countries. They can deliver the average web project for less than $1,000. However, they lack local markets to support them and have no access to Western markets that need them.

Reality 6 – Since 2005, GHIIntl has been building relationships with web firms across America who have successfully outsourced dozens of web projects to Nigeria, Uganda, and the Ukraine at a profit for all.

  1. Small businesses receive much needed web services at price points significantly below market rates allowing them to grow their online brands, markets, and revenues.
  2. Web firms stop rejecting huge pieces of business and actually drop significant dollars to their bottom line on work they previously rejected or lost money servicing. And they stop allocating high cost personnel to unprofitable business further strengthening their bottom lines.
  3. A capable, hungry, and humble market exists to efficiently outsource a huge portion of the small business market’s web needs to new media firms in undeveloped countries it’s profitable for all parties.
  4. incubator-3Doing good while doing well for your bottom line your outsourced projects
    • Provide for basic life necessities – food, shelter, and clothing for owners, employees, and their families
    • Empower intelligent, capable professionals to further their skills and careers
    • Strengthen international markets and communities
    • Foster sustainable enterprises for those with minimal market access
    • Expand your market reach serving customers once neglected
    • Grow your bottom line while improving profit margins