Resell our custom web design services at a high profit margin.

Since 1999, we’ve been partnering with SEO firms and website design and hosting companies — in addition to PR firms, ad agencies, and other similar organizations — to provide their clientele with web design solutions.

We specialize in a variety of creative and technical services, including ecommerce website design, mobile website design, and content management systems.

Symbiosis means “life together.”

...and like two pieces of a puzzle, we want to make our businesses fit together in a way that helps us both.

At GHI Internet Services, we focus on building symbiotic relationships, even with our direct competitors.

  • Quality and custom website design: Since 1999, we’ve conceptualized, designed, and developed more than 100 websites for companies big and small. Our success speaks for itself. More than 92% of our customers come from existing, satisfied customers.
  • High profit margins: Put simply, our prices are below market, so there’s opportunity for you to bring in substantial revenues.
  • Flexibility:  We can run the kickoff meeting ourselves… or we can remain entirely “behind the scenes” so that our services become your services, in a seamless presentation to your client. Whatever you prefer.
  • Professional branding: We understand the importance of protecting your brand. Replace our logo with yours on the documents and reports we send you, if you want. Contact us about OEM’ing our products.
  • Assistance along the way: We don’t just provide our resellers with sales training and website design instruction, alerting you to industry trends and changes in the marketplace. Our team is dedicated to helping you succeed.