Our Award-Winning Team

Nationally recognized and dedicated to building more than websites – we help build

GHI Internet Services (GHIIS) is a family business rooted in design and run by experienced practitioners who are free to take long-term perspectives on issues like customer service, quality, product development, and expansion. Our mission is not about being on top or rising above the rest; but is about cultivating service to others helping them accomplish their objectives and goals.

Our collective experiences, relationships, and strong entrepreneurial drive provide GHIIS with an extraordinary advantage enabling us to help both small start-ups to inspired enterprise companies alike to Connect Smarter™ with their respective markets.

We know who we are;
we do what we say;
we do it quickly.

Daniel Griffith
Chief Strategy & Creative Officer
Jeff Reusser
Chief Financial Officer
Pete Kever
Director, Digital Marketing
Sarah Griffith
Jane Griffith
VP, Human Resources
Morgan Griffith
Caleb Boyer
Content Specialist
Katie Griffith
Joseph Griffith

Production Team

  • Brad Robinson
    Graphic Artist
  • Evan Stern
    Senior Web Developer
  • Rachel Boyer
    Marketing Communications
  • J.J. Anderson
    SEO Intern
  • Allan Kizito
    Web Developer
  • Paul Davis
    Web Designer
  • Bernardo Sanchez
    Web Designer
  • Dallas Piorkowski
    Web Site Designer
  • Caleb Berg
    Web Site Designer
  • Brian Hunsaker
    Web Designer
  • Jordan Lee
    Web Site Designer
  • Alyssa Barski
    Marketing Assistant
  • Ashlee Willeke
    SEM Analyst
  • Emily Witt
    Content Writer
  • Emily Woodward
    SEO Analyst
  • Janney Warren
    SEM Project Manager
  • Jeremiah Obrien
    Web Site Designer
  • Lauren McLean
    Web Site Designer
  • Melanie Best
    Web Site Designer
  • Aaron Powell
    Web Site Designer
  • Ruthie Kreidler
    Web Site Designer
  • Tim Loyer
    Web Site Designer
  • Mike Artman
    Web Site Designer
  • Anna Margush
    Web Developer
  • Josh Matzek
    Web Developer
  • John Lurtz, Jr.
    Web Developer
  • Kenny Keys
    Graphic Artist
  • Melissa Czech Warren
    SEM Consultant
  • Anna Sechrist
    SEM Consultant
  • Kayleigh McGillivray
    SEM Consultant
  • Dave Rigotti
    Social Media Consultant
  • Janelle Reusser
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Jamie Schmidt
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Rachel Staab
    Flash Multimedia Designer
  • Kelsey Reusser
    SEM Analyst
  • Jody Chapman
    Database Administrator
  • Tim Kay
    Content Specialist
  • Mike Hojnacki
  • Caleb Boyer
    SEO Intern
  • Danelle Hickin
    Marketing Intern
  • Mostyn Griffith
    Graphic Artist