Partnering with GHI Internet Services (GHIIS) can take on many forms.  Formal partnerships can be contractually defined with weekly project meetings and quarterly reviews.  Partners can resell GHIIS' web site design, Internet marketing, marketing retainers, software development, and SaaS solutions or they can OEM and brand those same products / services as their own.  Informal partnerships exist where trusted relationships merely refer their web and Internet marketing clients to GHIIS.

Many of GHIIS' partners are direct competitors:  They build websites, but don't have staff to execute Internet Marketing Campaigns; they provide SEO Services to their clients but can't design landing pages for conversion optimization; or maybe they develop software but can't design custom mobile websites.  Some partners simply want access to our offshore staff to provide low cost development resources to expand their capabilities. Regardless of their need, they all desire to extend their core offerings by leveraging GHIIS' broad range of capabilities to better service their clients, retaining control and improving their margins with little risk and even less investment.  Some partners build very attractive, high profit, residual income streams from their GHIIS partnership dropping significant dollars into their business and onto their bottom lines.

However we work with our diverse partner market, our symbiotic focus remains the same: To help each other Connect Smarter™ with our respective clients and to their markets…improving relationships to drive performance and profits.

The real test of a company's quality and work, though, isn't a function of how many partners they have. It is found in how many customer's are referring new business to them? And at GHIIS, more than 92% of every new customer we acquire comes from existing customers...satisfied customers referring their clients, partners, vendors, and business acquaintances to GHI Internet Services.

That says it all.

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